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Adam Levine Is Threatening to Bring Trucker Hats Back Via His Kmart Collection

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When rocker Adam Levine launched his Kmart womenswear line this spring, he said that he was able to “create pieces I would like to see a woman wear” (um, makes sense to us!). Now that he’s adding outerwear and shoes for men and intimate apparel and more accessories for women, he’s changed his tune just a tad.

Adam Levine
Al Pereira/WireImage

“Basically, the person who sets the trend is the one who wears what no one would be caught dead wearing,” Levine tells WWD. He goes as far as to say that trendsetters are “the girl or guy who is wearing the thing that people think is really ugly that is what people will be wearing a year from now.” But even though his looks are forward-thinking (and maybe ugly to some?), he explains that he thinks what’s cool tends to have been cool in the past. “Usually, it’s something that was popular 10 or 20 years ago,” he says. “The cultural feedback loop is constantly bringing things back. It really has to do with who is the least afraid to bring it there.”

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The singer truly seems prepared to revive some questionable (albeit memorable) moments from way back when. “There was a time when it was [practically] illegal to wear trucker hats. Now for some reason, I feel that the ban has been lifted,” he says. “There are things from the ’90s that are starting to become popular again, like oversize T-shirts. It just happens. Hawaiian shirts used to be [like] ‘Oh, my uncle wears Tommy Bahama and now they fit well, they’re pretty cool’ and you’ve got guys like Marc Jacobs making them.”

Whether or not you’re on board with Hawaiian shirts or trucker hats, we’re pretty sure Levine’s Victoria’s Secret model wife Behati Prinsloo would look fabulous in either one, should Levine choose to take the plunge in his new line. In fact, she wore one of the offending caps with Levine back in 2012, so she’s ahead of the curve!

Tell us: What would you like to see Adam design in his new line?

–Catherine Kast