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Acid Burn Victim Laxmi Agarwal Stars in Viva N Diva's 'Faces of Courage' Fashion Campaign

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This week, a little known Indian brand called Viva N Diva made headlines around the globe when they announced that instead of choosing from the typical roster of models to serve as the face of its new campaign, they would be using Laxmi Agarwal, the victim of an acid attack, as a part of their newly founded “Faces of Courage” initiative.

Viva N Diva Laxmi Agarwal Faces of Courage
Courtesy Viva N Diva

According to a press release from the brand, the idea for Agarwal’s campaign first came to designers Manan Shah and Rupesh Jhawar when they were looking through a calendar shoot featuring victims of acid attacks. It reads, “For a moment we had seen beauty in a very different way and all we thought was to capture it to give it a meaning, to remove any speck of being a victim from those eyes and give them a stage, an employment, a platform, and a medium to flaunt it with style.”

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Viva N Diva Laxmi Agarwal Faces of Courage
Courtesy Viva N Diva

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This brought them to Laxmi, a 26-year-old member of the Chhanv Foundation for acid attack survivors, whom they hope will serve as a symbol of strength and beauty for people everywhere. Viva N Diva also hopes their use of Laxmi in these campaign images will open up the doors of the fashion industry and allow for a greater diversity of appearance and experience to be represented.

In a heart-wrenching and inspiring video for the brand, Laxmi insists, “No matter what comes, make an attempt to live every moment to the fullest. This is when you enjoy your life without any fear.” Watch it above.

What do you think of Viva N Diva’s new campaign? What other brands would you like to see participate in the “Faces of Courage” initiative?

–Emily Kirkpatrick