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A Genius Product That'll Save You Money, Save the Planet and Save Your Clothes

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Most women tend to fall into three categories: those who dry clean their silks, cashmeres and other delicates then gripe about how much money they’re spending on it; those who stop buying dry-clean-only clothes; and finally, those who never actually dry clean their dry-clean-only clothes. None of those situations is ideal, which is why we were so thrilled to discover The Laundress:

We’re mentally adding up all the cash we’ll save by not having to bring our silk tops, cashmere cardigans and delicate dresses to the dry cleaner. (And yes, we’re also mentally adding up how many new items of spring clothing we can buy with that saved money!)


And there’s an added benefit: By not exposing your duds to the harsh chemicals most dry cleaners use, they’ll last longer. (Not to mention the fact that this at-home cleaning kit is much more eco-friendly.)

We recommend the Special Care Kit to start off, plus the Denim Wash, which will seriously extend the life of your jeans. Oh, and we’re loving the Crease Release spray, which gets rid of wrinkles with nothing but a spritz.

Don’t forget to enter PEOPLE10 at checkout for a 10% discount off orders $50 or more, plus free shipping. And be sure to see the other products we’re loving from here!