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5 Ways to Manage Your Bangs During a Heat Wave

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How to style bangs

Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty

Cutting bangs always seems like a great idea, that is, until summer hits and you’re left waiting for your subway with a sweaty forehead and frizzy fringe. So to stop your strands from suffering, we’ve enlisted Kérastase consulting stylist Matt Fugate to share his must-have hot weather bang-taming tips.

1. Skip products if you can
The biggest mistake bang-wearers make? Dousing their wet fringe in products, says Fugate. And he has a point. “When you do start sweating, the last thing you want is to have products and sweat all over your forehead,” he says. “So you want to avoid gels and mousses.” But if you do need some taming, he recommends dabbing a light, solid oil like Kêrastase’s Elixir Ultime Serum Solide on your fingertips and running it through just the ends to add texture and some hold.

How to style bangsCourtesy Matt Fugate

2. Have fun with bobby pins
BPs are your BFFs during a bang-taming summer, which is why Fugate says to use them to your advantage. So instead of grabbing pins that match your hair color, go for gold or silver, which will look like an accessory, like the look he created on Alysia Reiner, above. “Make the bobby pins the focal point of your hairstyle, placing them in a cool diagonal direction that matches your cheek bones,” he advises. “They’ll strengthen the shape of your face.”

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3. Braid — or twist — them back
There’s no better time to play with braids than during hot summer months — and if you need to get your fringe off of your face, they’re a win-win. Fugate recommends weaving your bangs into a Heidi-like crown braid, and if they’re on the shorter side, braiding them straight back down the middle, creating a faux mow-hawk look. Or, Fugate recommends creating a pompadour-like look like Jaimie Alexander‘s, above, by creating a small braid and pulling it apart to add controlled lift.

Can’t braid? Try twists instead. Just split your hair — bangs included — down the middle and separate a small face-framing section on each side. Then, combine your bangs into each section and begin creating super-tight twists at your hairline, continuing down to ear-level and securing behind your ear.

4. Slick to them to the side
Want to ditch them altogether? If your bangs are long, part your hair to the side; if they’re short, create the part down the middle. Then, pull all of your hair back and use hairspray to slick it into a ponytail, sweeping
your bangs just below your hairline so they just graze the top of your forehead.

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5. Avoid volume at all costs
And on days when you just want to flaunt your fringe, Fugate recommends trading your round brush blow dry for a paddle brush and low heat. “Your roots are the first place where the moisture is gonna hit,” he says. “So if you really stretch your roots down onto your forehead, the better you’ll be able to counter the elements.” His trick? Place the brush on top of your bangs, not under, and blow dry in a downward direction, as to avoid any lift at the front.

What are your bang-taming secrets? Tell us below!

— Jillian Ruffo