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5 Things We Already Know About Jessica Paré's Emmy Dress

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Every time we see a new dress come down the runway at New York Fashion Week, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll see it on the red carpet during awards season, too. That’s why we had to ask Mad Men beauty Jessica Paré and her stylist, Cristina Ehrlich, about Paré’s upcoming Emmy ensemble when we chatted with them exclusively at the Jason Wu fashion show in New York City on Friday. And though they didn’t come right out and tell us what exactly she’ll be wearing, they did drop quite a few hints. And so, based on our conversation, here’s what we can conclude about her dress thus far.

1. It will be very, very tight. “I like to tell Cristina that if I can breathe or feel my toes, something is wrong,” she reveals.

2. That said, it will probably be loose around the armpits, because Paré tells us she needs ample room to, well, sweat. “I’m getting sweaty in the armpits just thinking about [the Emmys]. I’m so excited!” she gushes.

3. It may or may not top the dress that she wore last year. “My favorite red-carpet look of all time — and I think it will be my favorite one for a long time — is the dress Jason [Wu] made for me for the Emmys last year. It was a gorgeous piece, just the combination of textures and everything. I feel like such a woman in his clothes.”

4. It is not hanging on her this-is-my-Emmy-dress hanger just yet. “We have a couple [dresses picked out],” she hints. But nothing’s final.

5. Paré will have tried on the dress about, oh, a hundred million times. “We test everything. We really test everything,” Ehrlich tells us. “No matter how excited I get about a dress, I try to say, ‘How do you feel in this dress?’ Do you think this is a dress you’re going to enjoy the evening in?’ And if I don’t believe what they’re saying to me, I say, ‘Let’s try more things.'”

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Now tell us: Are you excited to see all of the dresses at the Emmys? Who are you most excited to see?

–Annie Daly with reporting by Michelle Ward

The 65th Primetime Emmys will come to CBS Sunday, Sept. 22, at 8/7c. Be sure to check out for all the live fashion coverage!