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5 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know from Celeb Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg

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With Kim Kardashian’s wedding looming (and a bunch of slightly less insane weddings on our own social calendars), we have bridal beauty on the brain. So we caught up with celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg — Mark beauty ambassador and the pro behind Kaley Cuoco’s wedding makeup — for some makeup tips she feels all brides should follow on the big day.

Kaley Cuoco wedding makeupBeware of a Smoky Eye (And Embrace a Cat Eye): “If you’re going to do a smoky eye, do earthy tones, not black, unless you are going for “rock star glam” — you don’t want your eyes to look tired. Plus, you don’t want all attention drawn to one area of your face. The cat eye is so classic and also a way to make a statement. It’s a really pretty accessory on your wedding day.”

Start Working on Your Skin Six Months Out: “If you work out once, it’s not going to make a difference. You have to have that same kind of mentality when you’re working on getting the perfect skin. Keep up with your facials. Try at-home products. Get into a routine. Regardless, 9 out 10 every brides I have worked with still end up with a blemish that day. It’s anxiety. That’s what concealer is for.”

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Make Sure Your Lips Are Very Moisturized: “No dry, cracked pouts! This doesn’t mean putting on some Chapstick the morning of. It means using it multiple times a day months before the wedding. Josie Maran’s argan lip balm is my favorite.”

Why Not Do Your Own Makeup?: “I’ve worked with some brides where I consulted with them before their wedding. I taught them a couple tricks, they ended up doing the makeup themselves, and they were all really happy with it. Consulting with a makeup artist can be just as rewarding, and it’s not as expensive. Make sure to schedule an appointment three months before your date. I met with Scandal star Katie Lowes for her wedding. I introduced her to some products she would never think of using, and then taught her how to apply them. She told me it was such a special moment for her — [to be doing her own makeup as she was] about to be Mrs. It’s a very special thing.”

Keep It Natural: “It might sound cliché, but this is the most important piece of advice I give my bridal clients. I think sometimes people tend to go heavy handed and don’t end up looking like themselves. For example, you’re going to be talking, eating kissing, hugging, do you really want to go for a bold red lip? It’s a very active day for lips. I always think it’s best to keep it on the sheer side. nude and natural. It’s great to keep your whole look as easy and low-maintenance as possible.”

Any tips surprise you? Brides-to-be, what makeup looks do you have pinned on your bridal beauty boards? Are you planning to go natural? Sound off below!

–Brittany Talarico