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3 Crazy NYFW Hair Accessories That Need Your Attention

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NYFW fact: This week is a time when designers unveil their best — and often pretty crazy/out-there — creations. But no one ever said rocking their creations was easy! We rounded up three of the most baffling hair accessories that we’ve seen on the runway this week that really hammer this point home.

Crazy Hair Pieces
Courtesy Getty

1. The printed-wrap-slash-long-scrunchie
Where we saw it: the Hoffman show
What it reminds us of: Our fifth-grade hacky sack collection
Our biggest question: Does it smell like incense?

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2. The aqua string net
Where we saw it: the Candela show
What it reminds us of: The lady serving burgers in our work cafeteria
Our biggest question: Does it come with fries?

3. The white stars
Where we saw them: the Honor show
What they remind us of: Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting
Our biggest question: Do they glow in the dark?

So how do you feel about these whacky accessories? Do they remind of anything else? Which one is your favorite?

–Annie Daly