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15 Stylish Things You Must Do Before Summer Ends

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We’re just hours away from August, which means our summer days are (sob) coming to a close. And we plan to take advantage of every one of them. We’ve scheduled in plenty of time to eat plenty of watermelon and guacamole, spend a full day asleep outside … and to try to check off all of these beauty and fashion challenges before we’re back in jeans.

1. Wear sunscreen instead of lotion or perfume out at night because it smells so freaking good.

Sunscreen2. Take a picture of your perfect pedicure in front of any body of water.

Pedicure by the ocean3. Figure out how to make a bikini top-as-bra and jean shorts somehow work appropriate. There must be a way … right? With a blazer? C’mon!

Selena Gomez jean shorts4. Throw your hair up in a ballerina bun so often than your friends start to call you L.C.

5. Say no to Thursday night happy hour with your friends because, duh, Thursday night is pre-weekend self-tanner night.

Self tanner6. Decide that air-drying your hair on the way to work is “so Jessica Alba” and embrace it.

Jessica Alba hair7. Stop going to the gym because, really, aren’t you burning more calories just by walking from your door to the driveway in this heat? Then use all that money you’re saving on a gym membership toward new bikinis. (Yes, this makes perfect sense.)

Bikini workout Nicole Richie8. Take advantage of the “no such thing as too much neon” summer rule before time runs out.

Neon nails9. Spend 45 minutes on a perfectly undone braid.

Undone braid10. Pick a lazy Sunday to let your “makeup” just be Popsicle-stained lips and sun-kissed cheeks.

Kiernan Shipka lipstick

Bonus: Already accomplished all of the above? Try these five advanced tips to round out your summer beauty bucket list.
1. Buy those “Will I ever wear them?” orange sandals because, well, they’re 50% off and you deserve ’em.
2. Sport some summer-only nail art and then refuse to do anything more strenuous than flip through a magazine for fear of messing it up.
3. Keep your clothes (and by clothes, we mean underwear) in the freezer for those days when A.C. just isn’t gonna cut it.
4. Take advantage of the last month of #nofilter-worthy summer light to map out your outfits well in advance. Gotta look good in your tagged Insta photos!
5. Convince yourself that all that subway sweat you’re sporting is just a dewy glow, no cream blush or highlighter required.