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10 Things You Can't Do If You're Wearing Bubble Nails, A.K.A. the Latest Instagram Beauty Trend

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When it comes to nail art, we thought we’d seen it all. It can’t get any crazier than talon nails, right? Wrong. The latest nail trend to sweep Instagram is bubble nails, and they’re as eccentric as they sound. Take a look:

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To create a “bubble,” the technician adds a ball of acrylic to the center of the nail to form a rounded shape. Some people are even taking the look a step further and extending nails so they hook around their fingertips. We’ll let you form your own opinion, but we get more of a “rare disease” vibe than a “nail art” vibe. Plus, they make doing everyday activities infinitely more difficult. Off the top of our heads, bubble-nail wearers should probably avoid:

Putting in contact lenses. Ouch.

Typing and texting. We can hear the clacking sound in our heads already, and we do not approve.

Caring for small children. Diaper changes? Who needs ‘em.

Picking your nose. On second thought, maybe adults who pick their noses should give these bad boys a try.

Snapping. Dance instructors, you’ve been warned.

Eating candy. You will accidentally eat off one of your fingernails. It’s inevitable.

Baking. Nothing ruins a good chocolate chip cookie like a rogue ball of acrylic.

Zipping up your jeans. It’s yoga pants all day, every day from now on.

Sewing. Imagine having a thimble on every single nail.

Peeling an orange. Don’t get scurvy on account of bubble nails. It’s just not worth it.

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What’s your take on bubble nails? Would you ever try them? And can they really be a nail trend if Kylie Jenner hasn’t tried them yet? Sound off below!

–Lindy Segal