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Sochi Photos: 17 Opening Ceremony Highlights We Can't Wait to See on TV

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SPOILER ALERT: This post divulges details of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, which has not aired in the U.S.

Due to broadcasting delays, Americans will be among the last in the world to see the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, scheduled to air Friday at 7:30 ET.

But never fear, we have all the photos you need to whet your appetite: Photos of the steaming volcanoes, dancing jellyfish, flying girls, floating islands and, of course, fireworks! (Look close and you’ll also see a giant, some might say menacing, teddy bear.)

So for those of you desperate for your Olympic fix NOW, enjoy these highlights:

1. A Girl’s Kite Ride Over Russian Islands

A girl performer goes for a soaring kite ride over the Russian islands created in Fisht stadium

2. Dancing Jellyfishes, What Else?

Encircled in light, a group of dancers captivate the audience
Those aren’t jellyfish, they’re the first of many lighted dancers from the opening ceremony

3. The Olympic Gods, as a Light Show

Illuminated figures are suspended, framing Fisht stadium in light

4. Classic Ballet Beauty

Bolshoi dancer Svetlana Zakharova does a stunning ballerina spin for the Olympic crowds

5. The Arrival of the Torch

Alina Kabaeva carries the Olympic torch into the stadium for its final leg

6. The Cauldron!

The Olympic Cauldron is lit. Let the games begin!

7. The World Map (as a Stage)

An overhead view of the stage, picturing the countries of the world, used for the athletes’ parade

8. Team USA!

The United States team is all smiles while entering Fisht stadium for the athletes’ parade

9. Performers on Wheels

Glowing performers switch dance shoes for roller blades as part of a fast-moving opening ceremony routine

10. Russian History, Renacted

Scissor-lift platforms and banners create an impressive urban landscape for a retelling of Russia’s history
Traditional Russian dancers emerge from the fog to wow the crowds … and enjoy the fake snow

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11. The Fireworks

Fireworks set the sky ablaze over Olympic Park

12. That Giant Teddy Bear

Giant animatronic versions of the Sochi Olympics’ mascots, Hare, Bear and Leopard, tower over the crowds

13. The Magical Balloon Ride

A young girl grabs on tight for a beautiful balloon ride through the opening ceremony

14. An Underwater Dance Routine

Dancers make their own waves as part of Natasha Rostova’s First Ball during the opening ceremony

15. Light Hockey

These hockey players give a new meaning to stars on ice

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16. Horses, Towing the Sun

Bright, giant horses are the perfect animals to pull the sun across the Russian sky

17. And, of Course, More Fireworks!

The opening ceremony can never settle for just one firework show

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