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Nate Jones
April 10, 2014 08:45 AM

Some bros are born lax, some achieve laxness, and others have laxness thrust upon them.

Texas’s Billy Munck is the third kind.

When Munck played in only nine varsity games during his junior year of high school, his father took matters into his own hands, suing Billy’s coach, as well as the nearby Dallas Lacrosse Academy, under the anti-racketeering RICO Act.

William A. Munck, a lawyer and coach at a competing lacrosse academy, alleges that coach Kevin Barnicle blacklisted Billy after the high schooler refused to enroll in a summer course at the DLA, where Barnicle also works.

In revenge, the elder Munck alleges, Barnicle and the DLA told him, “Billy Munck will never play varsity lacrosse.”

Or, in legal terms:

“Those who do not acquiesce to the RICO defendants threats and demands suffer,” the lawsuit states. “Billy Munck was one of the victims of this criminal enterprise, as were many others.”

Billy Munck’s junior season took place in 2010. In a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Barnicle and the DLA reveal that this is just the latest battle in a years-long war of attrition.

“For four years,” the motion alleges, “plaintiff William A. Munck has used his position as a lawyer as a tool directed at various lacrosse coaches in the North Texas community whose only sin was failing to recognize and appreciate the athletic talents of Munck’s son.”

Billy Munck last played lacrosse for Southwestern University in spring 2013. He is not currently on the team.

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