Pearland Police Department
Alexia Fernandez
November 25, 2016 09:54 PM

Texas police and volunteers suspended their search on Friday for the 9-year-old nephew of former NBA star Marcus Camby who disappeared Thursday from his relatives home in Pearland, Texas.

Marcus McGhee disappeared from the residence at about 4 p.m., according to the Dallas Morning News. He was seen on surveillance video leaving the back of the residence.

The boy, a native of Connecticut, was visiting Camby’s home for Thanksgiving. A search group on Friday searched a nearby bayou that “may be attractive to autistic children,” police said on Facebook.

On Friday at around 4:30 p.m., police said they were suspending their search for the night and would reevaluate the investigation in the morning.

McGhee was last seen wearing a black T-shirt with a green Nike symbol along with gray and black sweat pants. He was not wearing shoes.

Police think McGhee may have his iPad with him, according to The Houston Chronicle.

The police department later sent out a message on Twitter and Facebook, asking residents to check their surveillance footage in the event that McGhee could be spotted in them.

Police said Friday that the amount of volunteers helping in the search had the search team “at capacity” but said they may need more volunteers later. They encouraged neighborhood residents to look around and near their homes, according to the Chronicle.

“We’ve been amazed by how many off-duty officers came out, they just want to help out,” Pearland Police Lt. Onesimo Lopez said. “We’ve just been inundated with people. We’re covering a lot of territory so this helps.”

As for Camby and the boy’s family, Lopez said they were anxious and worried but helpful and trying to stay out of rescuers’ way.

McGhee is non-verbal and police have warned the public to approach him with caution as he is afraid of loud noises and may be scared off.

“He probably won’t respond to his name if you call him,” Pearland Police Officer Michael Arnold said, according to a video posted on the police department’s Facebook page. “Don’t holler at him or chase him.”

Pearland police are asking anyone to have seen him to contact the Pearland Police Department at 281-997-4100.

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