Illustration by Debra Cartwright
Alex Heigl and Kelli Bender
February 12, 2014 03:00 PM

Rumor has it Sochi is a hotbed of Tinder shenanigans. No big surprise, the popular dating app is getting plenty of play among the single athlete set. As the XXII Olympic Winter Games coincide with Hallmark’s most romantic day of the year, competition (for a mate) is about to get even steamier within the Olympic Village.

We’re all about finding a Valentine’s Day snuggle buddy, but ski gloves must make it hard to swipe through potential suitors. Instead of relying on a smartphone to play Cupid, why not give a classic Valentine instead?

These Sochi-themed cards are designed to help Olympians – and everyday daters – score the ideal V-Day date. Print the cards, cut them out and go for the gold! (Just make sure to stretch beforehand.)

Illustration by Debra Cartwright

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