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The Look of Luge: 8 Game Faces from Sochi

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The luge is easily one of the most terrifying events at the Winter Olympics. Lying down on a small sled and hurtling down a narrow chute made of ice would be scary enough without the insane speed factor: The top recorded speed for a luge run was nearly 96 m.p.h., in 2010. Bearing that in mind, the faces lugers make before, during and after their runs don’t seem so strange, but they’re still entertaining. Here are our favorites.

Russia’s Albert Demchenko
He may look calm, but he’s probably screaming on the inside.

Italy’s Armin Zoggeler
“Let’s do this.”

Christopher Mazdzer of the U.S. team
“What’s a nice fella like you doing in an ice-chute like this?”

Switzerland’s Gregory Carigiet
“If I unclench my teeth, I will weep uncontrollably.”

Felix Loch of Germany
Someone should probably unplug this guy, wait 10 seconds, and then plug him back in.

Armin Zoeggeler of Italy
This is the only man who looks like how we imagine we would mounted at the top of a luge run.

Jo Alexander Koppang of Norway
He’s either really pleased with himself or about to cry.

Poland’s Ewa Kuls
“Deep breaths.”

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