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Rose Minutaglio
June 23, 2017 03:54 PM

Go Luke, go!

The Baltimore Orioles invited 14-year-old Luke Terry to hang out with players at Camden Yards prior to Wednesday’s game against the Cleveland Indians.

Luke, a catcher for his middle school baseball team in Tennessee, had his right arm amputated after he contracted an E. coli bacterial infection at 19 months old.

The teen taught himself to play baseball with one hand, and before Wednesday’s game Luke showed off his skills by catching the game’s ceremonial first pitch from Hall of Famer Jim Palmer. He then fired a fastball to Orioles bench coach John Russell by flicking the ball into the air.

“I used to catch the ball and then take my glove off and put it on the ground and then get the ball out of my glove, and I was like, ‘That’s too slow,’ ” Terry told the Baltimore Sun. “So I was in my backyard, just trying to figure that out one day. And I was doing something and I was like OK, I’ll try that. And just over the years, I’ve perfected it and it comes easy now.”

Russell actually invited Luke to the game, reports SB Nation. He saw video of Terry on the Internet and couldn’t believe his commitment to the sport.

“When he was playing catch, and when he was throwing to second, he never dropped the ball, and some of our guys can’t do that on the exchange,” Russell told the Baltimore Sun. “So that was pretty amazing, that he’s that adept. No matter where I threw the ball, he was able to get the ball in the right place and make a throw.”

Luke dreams of becoming a professional baseball player one day — and it looks like he’s well on his way to making his dream come true.

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