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Aaron Parsley
August 06, 2012 11:05 AM

Spoiler Alert: Results from the Olympic Games are available live online, several hours ahead of the telecasts. If you’d rather find out how the athletes fare on TV, stop reading here!

After making history by winning gold in the women’s all-around gymnastics competition, Gabby Douglas faced fierce competition in the individual uneven bars competition on Monday.

“Well today is the day!!! #barfinals” Douglas, whose routines in the all-around team competition helped USA’s Fab Five win gold, Tweeted Monday morning. (Spoiler ahead!)

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And though it’s on the bars that she earned her nickname, the “Flying Squirrel,” for her impressive release moves, Douglas, 16, failed to medal on Day 10 of the London Games at North Greenwich Arena.

In fact, she came in last place out of the eight women who qualified for the individual competition.

Russia’s Aliya Mustafina took gold with a score of 16.133; China’s He Kexin earned silver with a 15.933; and hometown favorite Elizabeth Tweddle scored bronze with a 15.916. Douglas scored a disappointing 14.900.

So what went wrong? Apart from having to compete against the best uneven bar specialists in the world, Douglas, who usually scores in the low 15-point range, likely got a moderate deduction for missing one of her pirouettes and facing the wrong direction in her handstand on the high bar.

But Douglas, who’s just 4’11” tall, has an opportunity to scoop up another medal on Tuesday, when she competes once again in the individual balance beam competition.

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