Art Streiber
July 10, 2012 07:30 AM

We’ve heard Olympians talk about how they keep their bodies in tip-top condition. Now it’s time to let those bodies speak for themselves.

In this week’s issue of ESPN Magazine, the U.S. Women’s Indoor Volleyball Team stripped down naked and flaunted their toned, athletic bodies. The shoot – part of the magazine’s fourth annual Body Issue – was meant to show off the results of their rigorous exercise routines.

“I was a little nervous about doing the shoot, but looking back, I’m glad I did it,” said team member Megan Hodge. “I thought it was a cool, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show the world the work we put in every day.”

According to one of the women, not everyone was okay with the idea of the shoot.

“My fiancé wanted to be at the shoot because he thought other men … were going to be there,” said Destinee Hooker. “He doesn’t like the thought of others seeing me nude, but it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.”

The issue, which hits stands on Friday, features nude silhouettes of the team members as well as a group photo of them sitting on a bench.

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