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Johnny Weir
July 31, 2012 10:35 AM

Johnny Weir is fabulous. The figure skater, who placed sixth in the 2010 Winter Olympics, has been skating professionally since he was 12 and is no stranger to fierce competition – and fantastic costumes! With winning routines set to hits by Lady Gaga, the sparkle-loving athlete also recently married and now will blog for with the same fun energy he brings to the ice.

The Olympic Games in London have not disappointed thus far. The Opening Ceremonies were glamorous, the swimming drama has been outrageous and the gymnastics is forcing me to do my “stick it” pose every time I get out of my car.

On the sport side of things, the Americans are rocking: Ryan Lochte’s victory in the 400 IM was incredibly inspiring. U.S. gymnast Danell Leyva was the top qualifier for the men’s all-around and Team USA women and men were the top qualifiers in the team gymnastics events. Sadly, the men didn’t finish strong but hopefully the women will.

The amount of historic results already being broken in London is staggering to me. It seems for every event there is an entrant who will become “the first” to do something – and the Olympics are how old?

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The Opening Ceremonies were a mixed bag for me. The Queen made me wish I was British for a moment after her cameo with Daniel Craig, her jazzy pink frock with matching spectator chapeau, and her seeming inability to crack a smile in recognition that her nation was hosting the Olympics. She was everything.

Watching the athletes walk under their flags was a spectacular vision, as it always is. Maria Sharapova carrying the flag of Mother Russia, the Americans, all with iPhones attached to the palms o’ their hands, and learning about countries I never knew existed were really fantastic moments. And hello, white and gold from Stella McCartney for Team Great Britain? How chic!

My dislikes in regard to the Opening Ceremony were few and far between, but in general, I feel they’re worth mentioning: First of all, how does Harry Potter play any role in the Olympics? I know the organizers and Danny Boyle were paying homage to the things that make the U.K great, but come on! I pray that Lord Voldemort doesn’t show up again.

My main issue, however, was with the Americans’ uniforms. I was in awe of the white, three quarter-length skirts on the ladies and ever-present berets that somehow are a part of American Olympic couture. I know there was a big issue with Ralph Lauren outsourcing to China to create the team kit, but it seems to me that the bigger issue should be that the designer put the pride of our country in the dowdiest, most conservative uniforms (probably) ever.

I am so appreciative to be watching these incredible athletes inspiring the world, and it makes me so excited for my own Olympic exploits in 2014. I urge you to keep supporting these athletes, keep watching and don’t worry about the time difference. NBC is doing their best. Crumpets, everyone!

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