Courtesy Lindsey Vonn
K.c. Blumm
January 16, 2014 07:00 PM

Lindsey Vonn has had “successful” surgery on her right knee, and shared a pic as she recovers with her new puppy, Leo, keeping her company.

“Surgery was successful!” she wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “Resting with loved ones and of course my cuddle buddy Leo. So thankful to have such great people helping me. Will update more later.”

The Olympic gold medalist announced earlier this month that she was unable to compete at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, after she re-injured her right knee. “I did everything I possibly could to somehow get strong enough to overcome having no ACL but the reality has sunk in that my knee is just too unstable to compete at this level,” she admitted.

Vonn’s publicist released a statement on Wednesday revealing that the skiing champ had undergone successful ACL reconstruction surgery the day before, adding that her doctor “expects her to make a full recovery in time for next year’s World Championships in Vail, Colorado.”

While the past few months have been difficult as she’s endured more than one injury and painful rehab, the one bright spot for Vonn, 29, has come in the form of Leo. She adopted the 9-month-old pup the same week she announced her withdrawal from the Olympics.

“This brightened my day,” she wrote. “He has a bad knee from being hit by a car when he was a puppy and no one wanted him but I do!! I encourage anyone looking for an animal to adopt from a shelter and save a life! #bumkneebuddies”

Looks like some pet therapy is just what the doctor ordered.

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