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Rose Minutaglio
October 31, 2016 07:11 PM

Aaaand she’s back!

Comedian and unofficial Olympic commentator Leslie Jones has stepped into a epic new social sportscaster roll – this time as a soccer analyst on Twitter.

Her love affair for the sport of “basketball with feet” (as she calls it) started on Friday after she watched the replay of a Barcelona-Manchester City Champions League game.

“Ummmm soccer players are HOT!! Even the coaches are fine. Damn!” reads her first Tweet on her personal account.

“How did I miss the men!” she adds.

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For the next two days, Jones sent out a series of Tweets detailing her every thought and experience while watching soccer games on television. And it was amazing, of course.

Like when she discovered that she really likes the game of soccer – and headers are actually a thing.

Or the moment she realized that the players, coaches referees, and people in the stands are all attractive…

The time she she admitted she doesn’t know anything about soccer – except that everyone who plays is hot.

Her passionate romance with pretty much every single person on the field.

Especially an American soccer goalie named Tim Howard who plays for the Colorado Rapids.

When she faked the “Ole, Ole, Ole” chant.


And, finally, when she made a really, really good point about renaming the entire sport.

FIFA, are you reading this? Because the World Cup is sneaking up on us… And you should seriously consider hiring Leslie Jones as a commentator.

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