Rose Minutaglio
November 03, 2016 03:41 PM

This clever Harry Caray Budweiser commercial is giving Chicago Cubs fans all the feels.

The illustrious announcer passed away 18 years ago, but his legend lives on in a heartwarming ad that features Caray’s voice played over footage from Game 7 — to make it seem as if he’s calling Wednesday’s final game.

Budweiser put together video footage overnight, working with the Caray family estate to obtain his actual audio and arrange the soundbites to exactly match the final out of Game 7, per WNG-TV.

And it was absolutely amazing.

“Sure as God made green apples, someday the Chicago Cubs are gonna be in the World Series, and maybe sooner than we think,” Caray, a Cubs announcer for 16 years, says at the beginning of the commercial.

The clip shows Cubs fans decked out in red, white and blue at Wrigley Field, in bars and at tailgates all nervously watching the game. And when the Cubs win, Caray shouts: “How about them Cubbies! Now our lives are complete — the Cubs are number 1!”

“The unbelievable is believable!” he also declares.

Budweiser tweeted out the clip Thursday morning with the caption, “Harry, they did it. The impossible is possible. Hear the legend call one last game.”

Although Cubs fans will never know what Caray’s live calls of Game 7’s last out would have actually sound like, we have to think this must come pretty darn close.

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