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Katherine Richter
May 16, 2017 09:09 AM

Former United States soccer star Lauren Holiday (née Cheney), who had a tumor successfully removed in October, shared a post-surgery photo coinciding with Mother’s Day.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist was six months into her pregnancy when doctors discovered a benign tumor on the right side of her brain, which had been causing her painful headaches. According to ABC News, doctors induced labor early to expedite Holiday’s brain surgery, which was successfully performed at Duke University Hospital in October after giving birth to daughter Jrue Tyer in September.

“I have been hiding myself from a camera for the past 7 months. I didn’t want anyone to see my paralyzed face, my eye that is now crossed, the bald spots from radiation & my half shaved head. Granted you can’t see any of those things in this picture, just a patch…it’s a huge step,” Holiday began her post, which accompanied her selfie clad in a “Girl Power” shirt.

She continued, “Today reminded me just how incredibly strong women are. The resilience of our bodies, the power of our minds, the ability to put other humans fully before ourselves, our compassionate hearts but most of all our undying love for our families, our friends and our precious babies. I went through the day admiring women at church, at lunch and those just walking down the street. I am so proud to be a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife and most of all a mother. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas, Mamas-to-be and future mamas! You are beautiful. You are ridiculously strong. But most of all you are loved. So very loved. ❤️.”

In February, Holiday had credited her daughter with helping her through darker times.

“I have never quite known suffering like I experienced the last 6 months,” Holiday, 29, captioned a photo of her smiling daughter being held up by husband, NBA player Jrue Holiday. “I can remember countless nights repeating ‘there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning.’ I remember half believing it and half still in disbelief that this was my life. I memorized scripture and some days my faith felt unshakable and others I was scared to death.”

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The former member of the U.S. women’s national soccer team added, “Every time I see this smile I’m reminded that joy does come in the morning. Maybe not the next day, maybe not even the next month but it comes. I can’t imagine what heaven will be like if this is the joy I get to experience on earth.”

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