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Child Unimpressed by Clint Dempsey's World Cup Goal (VIDEO)

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Feeling a little left out during World Cup madness? Just don’t care about soccer that much? (Ssshh, they’ll hear you.) You’re not alone.

Gabe White, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, is a big soccer fan. He and his wife and son were watching the U.S.-Portugal match Sunday night, though one of his sons decided his time would be better spent playing with his wrestling figures.

The 7-year-old is calmly playing with his toys when Dempsey scores against Portugal. Responding to the noise coming from the other room, where the rest of his family’s watching the game, he nonchalantly looks into the camera and explains, “That’s just my mom and dad and brother screaming for the World Cup.”

“They love it so much,” he adds, wistfully shaking his head. “Our team – I guess – scored a goal.”

“Now let’s get back to wrestling.”

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