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Apolo Anton Ohno Wants Two More Olympic Medals – and a New Pair of Shoes

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With five Olympic medals already to his name, Apolo Anton Ohno is no Winter Games slouch. And not many – count that any – active Olympians can also claim a Dancing with the Stars mirror-ball trophy like he won in 2007 with partner Julianne Hough. But Ohno wouldn’t mind some more hardware – and soft shoes.

Before the Feb. 12 start of the Vancouver Games, PEOPLE caught up with the 27-year-old short-track speedskater, who revealed these five fun facts:

He Has a Shoe ‘Thing’: “I have a lot of shoes,” Ohno says. “I have a weird, weird, obsessive amount of shoes. I just ordered three more pairs the other day. It’s not only athletic shoes. I’ve got shoes I haven’t worn, and I bought them three months ago, and they are just sitting in the box. It’s bad. It’s a problem. The first step is admitting it, and I just did!”
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He Has a Potato Sponsor: Aside from the big names you’d expect to back an athlete like Ohno, companies like AT&T, Nestlé Crunch, Coca-Cola and Vick’s DayQuil/NyQuil are in the mix, as are regional companies from the Pacific Northwest like Alaska Airlines and the Washington Potato Commission. Explains the Seattle native, “My entire career, I have always been searching for local support.”

He Can Probably Out-Eat You: The 5’8″ Ohno says, “Right now, because I am so focused on retaining a certain body weight and getting so lean and getting the right body composition, I’m really pretty restricted on what I am eating. But when it comes down to it and if we go out to dinner and I really want to eat and enjoy it, I don’t think there are many guys around the world who are around my height and weight who can eat the amount of food I can. That’s a challenge!”

He Loves to Tweet as Much as He Loves to Eat: Under his handle @ApoloOhno, “I try to stay as active as I can on Twitter, just so I can speak my mind more than anything,” he says. “In terms of during the Games, obviously when I’m probably at the Olympic arena, my phone is going to go into shutoff mode, and I’ll taper off a little bit more and more, but I would like to share the experience with many people who can’t be in Vancouver. I kind of want to show people what it’s about from my perspective.”

He’s Going for a Golden Legacy: With two more medals, Ohno will take Bonnie Blair’s place as the most-decorated U.S. winter Olympic athlete. “I am human, so I know how hard it is to win a single medal, let alone make an Olympic team,” he says. “I’m very optimistic about my chances of doing very well. Although the Olympics Games is going to be the show, I know that in two years from now when I look back, I’m going to be remembering the times when I was training, not so much whether I stood on the podium or not, and hopefully those memories I can share with millions of people in the world and hopefully I can set a good example for them to pursue their dreams as well.”

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