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5 Lessons from Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas

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Streeter Lecka/Getty

Gabby Douglas made history with her gold medal win at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. And though she can’t make history in Sochi with some kind of cold-weather outdoor gymnastics routine (though how cool would that be?!), she wants to help other athletes get their names into the history books this month.

So as the Winter Olympics kick off this week, Douglas – who’s partnered with Sony to promote its VAIO Flip PC – has some words of wisdom for the Winter Olympic athletes, as told to PEOPLE:

1. Chill out, you guys

And she’s not just referring to the nippy weather. “My advice would be go out there, have fun,” she tells PEOPLE. “Do the best you can. Don’t take the competition too seriously. It’s always nice to go out there and enjoy yourself.”

2. Listen to your mom

So who’s Douglas’s number-one fan? “My mom definitely inspired me every single day. She’s one of my role models,” she says. “She just taught me in life, to always keep fighting, and nothing is handed to you directly. So you just always have to fight for it.”

3. And mom really does know best

“The best advice I’ve ever gotten from my mom is keep going,” Douglas adds. “You know, don’t be afraid to stand out, and just go out there, and, you know, use what God gave you.”

4. Want to compete in the Olympics one day?

Douglas is currently training for the 2016 Games, rain or shine. When she falls, she gets up. When she’s sick, “Oh, no,” she says. “You keep going.” That’s her message for aspiring athletes: “Work very hard, and listen to that mentor, coach or friend because that could be very helpful, and, like I said, just don’t ever quit or give up.”

5. Do your thing

“Don’t try to fit in,” adds Douglas, “when you can stand out.”