Dave Quinn
November 03, 2016 01:59 PM

Hazel Nilson has been waiting her entire life for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series. And we mean her entire life.

The Sunapee, New Hampshire, resident was born in 1908 — the last time the Cubs won the World Series.

But 108 would prove to be the lucky number for the long-suffering fan: It represents how many stitches are on a baseball, Nilson’s age, and now, the number of years between the Cubs’ World Series wins.

Fox 25 was with Nilson Wednesday night as she watched the Cubs clinch the title from her assisted-living home.

Hazel Nilson

“Happy! Awesome!” she told the news channel after the big win. “Oh, that was great.”

Nilson said she grew up in Chicago — steps away from the Cubs’ hometown stadium of Wrigley Field. While she’s lived through two world wars, the Great Depression, the early days of the automobile, the moon landing, and the technological advances of the 21st century — her love of the Cubs never faltered.

“I never lost faith in the Cubs,” she said. “Win or lose, I love them.”

This year, she said, she was “pulling like crazy.”

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The Cubs were fighting just as hard — beating the Indians 8-7 in an extra-inning Game 7.

It’s the first time the team has even made it to the World Series since 1945, when they lost to the Detroit Tigers. 

Loyal Cubs fans have long united over their team’s inability to garner a series win, even going so far as to nickname their team the “Lovable Losers.” They trace back the losing streak to the 1945 World Series, when Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis was forced to leave Wrigley Field because of the stench of his pet goat. After the ouster, Sianis allegedly declared that “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more!”

Well, the curse is over and Nilson lived to see it. Next year, she says she expects the Cubs will claim another victory — and she can’t wait to cheer them on again.

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