Patrick Gomez
November 15, 2016 10:01 AM


Taryn Southern is checking in for a second season of her online series Do Not Disturb.

The YouTuber, writer, and comedian has a whole new slate of guests visiting her talk show – and PEOPLE is connecting you to the season’s first episode before it’s released to the masses.

Set up as a slumber party, the four-episode second season of Do Not Disturb was taped at the recent grand opening parties at the Moxy New Orleans and Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof.

Southern interviews and gossips with comedian David So, DJ Amy Pham and British YouTube stars Jack Maynard and Oli White about their travel habits and quirky cultural experiences on the road and gets playful answers to the questions you only wish you could ask a celebrity at 2 a.m. in their hotel room.

Do Not Disturb is produced by Moxy Hotels in collaboration with Marriott International’s content studio.

The entire four-episode YouTube series will be released Tuesday at and Moxy’s YouTube channel.

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