Alex Heigl
October 27, 2016 01:25 PM

As far as reductive hashtags go, it’s hard to beat #MyLifeInOneWord. We’re not exactly sure of the provenance of the tag, but it’s making the rounds on Twitter Thursday, largely because it’s A) fun, B) simplistic and C) easy to illustrate with a GIF, which is definitely the trifecta of a good hashtag.

Below, some of the better ones we’ve seen as the hashtag has started to gain traction. (Props to the one account whose bio already read “My life in one word: Rihanna.”)

*slow clap*

Probably the most accurate?

Annnnnnnd there’s the One Direction fan. It’s always just a matter of time before they come for the hashtags.

Props for an underused Peggy GIF.

Annnnnnnd there’s another One Direction fan. They travel in packs, you know. Single file, to hide their numbers.

Points for the dog GIF undermining the self-seriousness of the word you picked, Jenn.

Anyone over 25, really.

I see what you did there.

Again, a candidate for most-used word in real life.

Annnnnnd there’s the Doctor Who fan.

Also in any adult’s top-three-most-used words.

I also would have accepted a GIF of the Apple “beach ball of doom” loading icon.

Again, anyone over 25.

There’s one in every crowd.

Am I doing this right?

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