Alex Heigl
November 24, 2016 09:00 AM

Thanksgiving is hard. Not the eating, that’s very easy (for some). But if you’re one of the people tasked with making the holiday happen, your day likely starts very early — probably with a turkey and maybe some brine — and ends late, with a mountain of dishes and a bunch of snoring relatives in your living room.

And there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong. So if you’re dealing with a burnt pie or a large amount of shattered glass in your stuffing — unless you meant for it to be there, in which case, please seek help — you can take solace in these 13 pictures of people having just the worst Thanksgiving.

Would not have pegged these as lima beans on first glance.


If you squint at it long enough, it kind of looks like one of those photos of a hurricane on a satellite weather map.


Thanksgiving fails transcend all class divisions.


… how do you step on a pie? Was the pie on the floor? The child on the counter?


It’s just Cajun style?


Kind of looks like a topographical map of Mars.


The composition in this picture is really nice.


Street turkey casts a long shadow.



On the positive side, there are probably some local goths that would enjoy making this a centerpiece of their Thanksgiving.


It’s kind of beautiful, in a way.


No comment.


Show up at the wrong party like 💯

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