Alex Heigl
November 24, 2016 09:00 AM

Thanksgiving is hard. Not the eating, that’s very easy (for some). But if you’re one of the people tasked with making the holiday happen, your day likely starts very early — probably with a turkey and maybe some brine — and ends late, with a mountain of dishes and a bunch of snoring relatives in your living room.

And there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong. So if you’re dealing with a burnt pie or a large amount of shattered glass in your stuffing — unless you meant for it to be there, in which case, please seek help — you can take solace in these 13 pictures of people having just the worst Thanksgiving.

Lima bean FAIL. Dry and burnt. #thanksgivingfail #leftfortwohours #shouldofhaditonlow

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Would not have pegged these as lima beans on first glance.


If you squint at it long enough, it kind of looks like one of those photos of a hurricane on a satellite weather map.


On tomorrow's menu…pumpkin failure a la mode. #thanksgivingfail #sad #nodessert #smokedetector #ineedanewoven

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Thanksgiving fails transcend all class divisions.


… how do you step on a pie? Was the pie on the floor? The child on the counter?


Thanksgiving when wifey cooks. #setthefirealarmoff #thanksgivingfail #chefshouldhavecooked

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It’s just Cajun style?


Kind of looks like a topographical map of Mars.


The composition in this picture is really nice.


Street turkey casts a long shadow.


I win Thanksgiving. #iblamethetwins #parenting #twinmom #twins #thanksgiving #thanksgivingfail

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On the positive side, there are probably some local goths that would enjoy making this a centerpiece of their Thanksgiving.


It’s kind of beautiful, in a way.



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No comment.


Show up at the wrong party like 💯

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