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October 20, 2015 04:40 PM

If your excitement levels skyrocketed at the news that the Fug Girls’s novel, The Royal We, is being adapted for the big screen (by Parenthood stars Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman, no less!), you’re not alone.

Since there’s still a while to go before the film hits theaters, we’re keeping ourselves occupied by dreaming up the ideal cast to take on the Will-and-Kate-based tale.

Here, our top picks for the parts – share yours in the comments below!

Prince Nicholas: Eddie Redmayne
For The Royal We‘s answer to Prince William, there are plenty of choices. But really, does anyone top the adorably sweet (with a serious streak) Redmayne? The Brit has more than proved his acting chops (and he’s got the hardware to show for it it), plus there’s just something about his angular cheekbones that’s so regal.

Bex Porter: Mae Whitman
We don’t need to dream cast this one: On their website, the Fug Girls confirmed that Whitman will be playing Bex, the down-to-earth American girl who falls for a prince during a semester abroad at Oxford.

Lacey Porter: Jennifer Lawrence
The actress playing Bex’s twin sister needs to be the “spitfire American” type. Lawrence is smart with a touch of sass, just like the one-time med-school-bound Lacey. And after her turns in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, it’s clear that she can handle a good character breakdown.

Prince Freddie: Domhnall Gleeson
In Harry Potter, Gleeson proved he’s got the goof factor that is so essential to Freddie’s (based on Harry) character – and to top it off, he’s already a ginger (no hair dye needed!).

Prince Richard: Colin Firth
While Richard’s hard shell (and similarly cold interior) would be a change from Firth’s typical role of standoffish on the outside, warm and sweet on the inside (Mark Darcy!), there’s no doubt he is up to the task. And after The King’s Speech, we know he can play royalty.

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Princess Emma: Nicole Kidman
Kidman is so ethereally beautiful it’s a wonder she wasn’t born a princess in real life. Instead, she can take on the role of Emma, The Royal We‘s version of Princess Diana, the adored princess who was hounded by the paparazzi. Not to mention, she and Firth would make quite the couple.

Clive: Matthew Lewis
Neville Longbottom was a noble friend on Harry Potter – but Matthew Lewis has grown up and we’re sure, is ready for a new challenge. He’ll find it in Clive, Bex and Nick’s conniving “friend” who (SPOILER) plots against them. It’s time for Longbottom to show off his dark side.

Queen Eleanor: Helen Mirren
Really, is it even a question? After portraying Queen Elizabeth twice, it’s obvious that no one knows how to capture a modern British monarch quite like Mirren does. Really, she could play Eleanor – The Royal We‘s answer to Queen Elizabeth – in her sleep.

Marj: Judi Dench
To play Marj, who heads up Nick and Freddie’s palace staff and is the second-most formidable British woman in The Royal We (after Queen Eleanor, of course), there’s no one better than Dench, a woman with a heart of gold – and a fiercely stone-cold stare to match.

Cilla: Lily Collins
As Bex’s über-supportive best friend, the ever-glamorous Collins is a seamless choice – and she’d fit in perfectly on the London social scene.

Gaz: Ed Sheeran
We’re throwing a bone to Fug Girls for this one, who admitted they want to see the “Thinking Out Loud” singer take on the role of Gaz, the token goof of the group.

Joss: Cressida Bonas
To add a little bit of real-life royalty to The Royal We, Prince Harry’s ex – and budding actress – Bonas – should step in to play Nick and Bex’s free-spirited, artistic, fashionably adventurous pal.

Lady Bea: Michelle Dockery
If you’ve seen just five minutes of Downton Abbey, you know that no one can capture “fierce aristocrat” like Dockery can. She’s had plenty of experience bashing Americans on Downton too: she was practically born to say Bea’s best-remembered line, “And let’s be clear, Rebecca. Your little whatever that was is a waste of your time. He will never. Marry. An. American.” Chills.


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