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Stephen M. Silverman
May 10, 2011 09:45 AM

And away they went – presumably.

Hot on the trail of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, British newspapers are feverishly reporting Tuesday that the newlyweds have quietly jetted to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa for their belated honeymoon, 10 days after their Royal Wedding.

“They slipped out of the country very quietly, they didn’t want a fuss,” an unnamed “royal insider” tells the Mirror, which notes that the couple flew by private jet. (How better to go in secret?)

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The Telegraph says the duo – “with large amounts of luggage” – zoomed away Monday night, and quotes a Seychelles department of tourism spokeswoman as saying they landed at 7:20 local time Tuesday morning.

The paper further says that William and Catherine were helicoptered to a private, unspecified island for an expected stay of 10 days in a secluded villa. (There are 115 islands in the Seychelles, so the paparazzi will have a tough time finding them.)

Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty

Providing something of a geography lesson, the Guardian, which reiterates the logistical facts reported in the Telegraph, reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent a week in the Indian Ocean archipelago in August 2007, on the island of Desroches, “the main island of the Amirantes Group – locations which boast exclusive resorts in the kind of settings well out of the reach of most honeymoon couples.”

St. James’s Palace would only say Tuesday that the couple were on a private honeymoon trip.

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