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Tim Nudd
July 25, 2013 12:45 PM

Britain is about to be overrun by baby Georges.

Royal baby names are always trendsetters. And thanks to William and Kate‘s new prince, George should become a hugely popular baby name in the U.K. practically overnight, much as William and Harry were three decades ago, says.

On average, the birth of a royal baby increases the popularity of his or her name by almost a third – 32 percent – in the year following, the site says.

That means the U.K. can expect 1,400 more Georges to be born in the coming year, reaching approximately 5,740 in total, versus the past year.

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That would push the name George from 12th to fourth place on the list of most popular boy names.

The names William and Harry saw their own mini booms following the brothers’ births in the early 1980s. The name William became 23 percent more popular, while Harry shot up 55 percent.

In terms of sheer numbers, Prince Andrew’s birth had the biggest impact on expecting parents, with 5,500 more Andrews born in 1961 than in 1960.

In percentage terms, William and Harry’s cousin Zara Phillips holds the record, with 92 percent more Zaras born in the year after she was born in 1981.

Derived from the Greek name Georgious, meaning farmer, George has been the third most common name for English monarchs (six) since 1066, after Henry and Edward (both eight), says.

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