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Simon Perry
December 24, 2015 10:15 AM

Like any proud parent, Queen Rania enjoys seeing her children make their way in the world – but she s delighted to have them all back under one roof for the festive season.

She and husband King Abdullah of Jordan have just welcomed son and heir to the throne, Crown Prince Hussein, 21, and daughter Princess Iman, 19, back from Washington, D.C., where they are both studying.

Now, their family home is buzzing with spirited young children as the college students join siblings, Princess Salma, 15, and Prince Hashem, 9.

And the royal couple s youngest son is especially happy to have an ally around the house again, Rania reveals.

“I must say, I love having a full house and Hashem is particularly thrilled to have his big brother home,” she tells PEOPLE.

She continues, “We’re all enjoying this precious time together. They’re growing up so fast, but some things never change!”

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Earlier this week, Rania, 45, released the family s holiday card. In it, she and husband Abdullah, 53, wished recipients “and your loved ones good health, happiness and hope in the new year.” And on Thursday, the devoted mom shared a throwback picture of her two youngest children, Salma and Hashem from 2006.

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Before the holidays kicked off, Rania – who has been speaking out against Islamic extremists, saying, “we can t let them be the owners of our story,” – said in a speech in Rome that there needs to be a unified global response to the terror group that calls itself Islamic State.

“This is about all of us. It s not about Muslims versus Christians. This is not one country s war,” she said earlier this month. “We strike a blow every time we go to the cinema with friends or shop in a mall. Enjoy a football match or visit a Christmas bazaar.”

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