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Prince Harry Joke Gets British TV Show in Royal Trouble

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Prince Harry is well known for being able to take a joke, but maybe this one crossed a line.

A comedy show in Britain is being accused of degrading the royal family after including a sexually explicit joke about the prince in one of its sketches.

At one point during Monday’s broadcast of Fresh Meat on Channel 4, one character said to another: “I’ll take you to a place on the King’s Road where Prince Harry got a hand j–– off an assistant manager at Abercrombie & Fitch.”

That was too much for Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, who told The Telegraph: “The media should not involve the royal family in this sort of thing. It’s inappropriate and degrading, and it demeans the broadcasters that engage in it. It’s just wrong.”

Channel 4 defended the joke, saying the show is a “very irreverent comedy drama” and that the character was simply “attempting to impress his fellow students by ironically boasting about his own privilege.”

Previously, on the BBC’s Have I Got News for You on Oct. 25, guest presenter Jo Brand joked that the prince snorted cocaine during a bit about Prince George’s godparents.

Brand said: “George’s godparents include Hugh van Cutsem … I presume that’s a nickname as in ‘Hugh van cuts ’em and Harry then snorts ’em.’ ”

Defense minister Anna Soubry called the crack “disgraceful, shoddy, appalling and out of order” and demanded an apology.

But The Guardian reports that a spokesman for the BBC said: “Have I Got News for You is a satirical news quiz and the audience is used to the often irreverent humor.”

The spokesman added: “This line was a play on words as part of a section on the surnames of those involved in the christening and was clearly tongue-in-cheek.”

Harry, 29, who has a reputation for being quite the party prince (as seen in his notorious visit to Las Vegas last year), has not commented on the uproar.