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Simon Perry
October 24, 2013 11:10 AM

Prince George may only be 3 months old, but the newly baptized baby is already making his presence felt in his family.

When Time visited Queen Elizabeth‘s Balmoral estate in preparation for its new cover story on Prince Charles, writer Catherine Mayer spotted a smart Silver Cross pram – what Americans call a baby carriage – with a navy blue canopy and cover, standing in a hallway by the side door.

That was not the only passing of traditions that the magazine reported.

Case in point: Prince William‘s special lessons in preparing to bestow his first knighthoods. His teacher was none other than his father, Charles, during what was a “dress rehearsal” over an early fall break in Scotland.

Prince Charles
Courtesy TIME

Armed with a special sword that had been brought from London, William was coached at Charles’s Highlands home, Birkhall, for a ceremony at which he was to step in for his grandmother, Elizabeth.

At the Oct. 17 investiture, William, 31, tapped two men on the shoulder with King George VI’s sword and awarded 86 other honorees – all part of his gradual immersion into the more formal side of his royal role since leaving the Royal Air Force.

Still, at the rehearsal, father and son reportedly were having so much fun that it caused Charles’s subsequent meetings to start late.

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