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Nate Jones
April 18, 2014 02:00 PM

Prince William and Kate‘s three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand may have been intended to give the royals a look at an undervisited corner of their kingdom, but in the process it’s also served as an official coming-out party for Prince George, the 9-month-old baby who will eventually rule the British Empire.

With his chubby cheeks, mop of wispy hair and impeccable sense of style, young George would be a cute baby even if he were a civilian. But the conflict between George’s cherubic innocence and the vast (if mostly ceremonial) power he will eventually wield has led to a whole host of amusing GIFs imagining the boy’s typical infant behavior as that of a megalomaniac boy king.

Below, our favorite mashups of the adorable royal. (All GIFs via Tumblr users Everything Royalty and Royal Watcher.)

Dictating royal protocol


Greeting his subjects


Debuting the royal wave


Throwing infant shade

Embarking on a quest


Quoting Beyoncé

But if you prefer to think of George as just a normal baby and not a power-hungry monarch, well, there are GIFs for that too. He’s a prince, he contains multitudes.





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Prince George
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