Courtesy Cindy Lass. Inset: John Stillwell/WPA Pool/Getty
Simon Perry
February 24, 2014 05:15 PM

Queen Elizabeth is passing along her love for a special breed of dog to her great grandson, Prince George.

The Queen, 87, has given him a t-shirt decorated with a colorful depiction of her own ‘dorgis’ – a cross between a Corgi and dachshund that she has made her own pets for decades.

Artist Cindy Lass created a t-shirt from her own painting of the dogs, which the Queen already has hanging in the palace, and recently sent it on to her. On the back is a print of a crown, also created in her signature style.

Courtesy Cindy Lass

Soon afterwards, Lass, from St. John’s Wood in London, received a letter back from one of the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting with a “greatly appreciated” thank you and an assurance that she has given the shirt to “Her Majesty’s great-grandson Prince George of Cambridge.”

The shirt is just right for him to grow into – size 1 year – so mummy Kate, 32, could be dressing him in it anytime in the coming months leading up to his first birthday in July.

“I had made it as I thought it would be nice for her great-grandson,” Lass tells PEOPLE. “I treat everyone in the same way but when I thought for a minute that the future King could be wearing my design, and I thought, ‘wow.'”

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