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Prince Andrew Takes the First Royal Selfie at Buckingham Palace

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Courtesy Prince Andrew

Okay, now everyone is doing it everywhere.

Prince Andrew on Wednesday snapped what is believed to be the first royal selfie taken inside Buckingham Palace – normally a tech-free zone – grinning in front of a group of 350 young people who were attending an event about technology and business.

The Duke of York, 54, posted the photo on Twitter, without a caption. It hasn’t caught fire quite like Ellen DeGeneres‘s Oscars selfie – it has 287 retweets – but marks a milestone in social media, for better or worse.

“I give up, even royal family members are selfie-ing,” read one bemused reply on Twitter.

“This is a unique day at the Palace because we are encouraging you to use your phones and electronic gadgetry,” the duke told the guests, according to the Independent. “As a result of that, I’ve decided there’s a bit of a thing going around about selfies.”

It’s not the first-ever royal selfie, however. Prince William, for one, has been down that road, having posed for this photo with a young well-wisher this past Christmas Day.

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