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Alex Heigl
November 12, 2013 11:20 AM

Remembrance Day is observed in Britain on the Sunday closest to Armistice Day. Traditionally, the royal family lays a wreath, there’s a moment of silence, and a parade takes place. This Remembrance Sunday, however, Kate Middleton happened to twirl her hair while at a ceremony in London, and it was a big deal.

According to the Internet, there are are but two angles regarding this story/photo op:

1. Outrage that Middleton should be photographed absentmindedly smiling and twirling her hair at such an ostensibly sober event; or…


If you subscribe to the first point of view, here are a few more unsavory things to which one might compare the audacity of Kate Middleton twirling her hair at a public memorial:

1. Holding a piece of candy just out of reach of a small child.
2. Tickling someone who really hates to be tickled.
3. Drivers turning without using their turn signals.
4. Getting out of bed and putting your feet on a hardwood floor in the middle of winter.
5. A dine-and-dash at Denny’s.

If you subscribe to the second point of view, here are a few other things that are nearly as adorable as Kate Middleton sort-of grinning to herself while twirling one of her chestnut ringlets:

1. This #1 Google Images search result for “cutest kitten ever.”
2. A dandelion borne aloft on a light May breeze.
3. This otter‘s happy dance.
4. This French Bulldog puppy who’s having just the hardest time getting up.

And Vanity Fair was kind enough to animate the Great Kate Middleton Hair Twirl, just because. Enjoy your outrage and/or satisfaction.

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