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Andrea Billups
January 30, 2013 10:00 AM

The dresses she wears fly off the shelves. Her hair is the envy of women around the world. And she’s even helped boost sales of hosiery in the U.K.

So is it any wonder that women also want Kate‘s nose?

British plastic surgeons say requests for the Duchess of Cambridge’s “near perfect” and petite nose have tripled since 2011, according to the Daily Mail, which has interviewed several women who said having a similar eye-catching royal profile was exactly the look they sought as they underwent rhinoplasty.

“Her nose is straight with a cute, rounded tip and is perfectly in proportion to her face,” plastic surgeon Maurizio Persico said. “This gives Kate an attractive and striking profile.”

“Plus, she always looks happy and confident in photos, which is especially appealing to women whose own appearance makes them unhappy – those who feel self-conscious about larger or crooked noses, which they believe dominate their faces,” Persico added.

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According to psychologist Carmen Lefevre, who studies facial attributes and behavior at the University of St. Andrews, it’s not just because Kate’s a princess that her nose inspires envy.

“The symmetry of Kate’s nose, the angle between her lip and the tip of her nose and the minimal amount of nostril on show, are all near-perfect,” Lefevre told the paper.

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