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Simon Perry
October 24, 2012 08:15 AM

The Duchess of Cambridge is soon to reign the reins – she’s learning to ride.

In a move that’s bound to please her in-laws, all of whom are keen on riding, Kate says she’s been saddling up, despite some claims she’s allergic to horses.

The news emerged after she met members of Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic medalists at a special reception Tuesday evening at Buckingham Palace, where she wore an Alice Temperley dress.

Among those she spoke to was Lee Pearson, an equestrian Paralympian. “[Kate] said she was learning to ride. I said, ‘If you ever want a dressage lesson, come up to Staffordshire,’ ” he told The Times.

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He added, “The Countess of Wessex said, ‘Kate is allergic to horses.’ I said, ‘So am I – but antihistamines are wonderful.’ ”

Kate – who divides her time between rural northwest Wales and London – is clearly immersing herself in the country life. Only two weeks ago, she revealed she’s been trying her hand at growing potatoes. And now there’s the prospect of her joining Queen Elizabeth on horseback rides.

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The love of horses runs in the family. Prince William and his brother Harry play polo, while their dad Prince Charles has only recently given up the sport.

Though it’s been said Kate has a mild allergy to ponies, it’s never been confirmed. Palace insiders also point out that she is regularly around the animals in her official duties, being pulled by them in carriages, and in private – and yet she doesn’t appear to suffer any reaction.

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