Michelle Tauber and Simon Perry
July 18, 2014 07:45 AM

Some babies are observers, quietly taking in their surroundings from a safe distance.

HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is not one of those babies.

This future heir, possessed of “a voice to match any lion s roar,” according to his dad, Prince William, is the kind of baby who has to be restrained from yanking the ears of animals at the zoo. The kind who likes to loudly pop balloons. The kind who hurls himself toward a stranger’s dog, desperate to tussle.

And in a playdate with his peers? This alpha baby rules the room. Just don’t bother with plush and cuddly toys.

These days, says his mom, Princess Kate, “he’s more interested in helicopters and anything with wheels.”

It’s only fitting for a little guy who’s on the go.

As he comes upon his first birthday on July 22, the boy who will be king is hurtling headfirst into toddlerhood, having already notched a series of notable firsts: smiles, belly rolls, babbles and steps.

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