Monique Jessen
October 21, 2016 09:19 AM

When Prince George carried out his high-level meeting with President Obama last April, he chose just the right footwear: airplane-adorned velvet slippers. (What else?)

The slippers, like many of the adorable clothes and shoes worn by George and his little sister Princess Charlotte, were made by Trotters, the London children’s boutique where Princess Kate is a regular.

“As soon as either Prince George or Princess Charlotte are photographed wearing a particular item, that style becomes very much in demand,” says Sophie Mirman, founder and managing director of Trotters. “Not just in the U.K. — we send orders to the Middle East, even to Mongolia. We have customers all over the world that want that very British style.”

Mirman, who takes you inside her shop in the newest episode of our exclusive series Make Me Kate, is continuing a family tradition of styling the royals.

“My family are quite unique in that we have now served five generations of the royal family,” she says. “My mother made hats for the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and the Queen. I had a business called Sock Shop and Princess Diana used to be a regular customer of ours. We’ve had many duchesses and princesses in here and now of course the Duchess of Cambridge shops for her young children – we are very proud of that.”

As for the “George and Charlotte effect,” she says, “It’s interesting that the royal family have always had a huge impact on fashion. The Queen and Princess Margaret with their hats, through to Prince Charles and his siblings, through to Prince William and Prince Harry when they were younger and now the next generation of royals. There’s something about the British royal family that is just exceptional.”

For customers like Kate, the brand’s careful craftsmanship is key.

“All our clothing is designed by us in-house,” says Mirman. “It’s produced in Europe, and we go for the best quality and the best designs. I’m fortunate in that my team is as passionate as I am, and we all get very excited about what we are doing and what we can do for the following season.”

As for the 3-year-old future king and his 17-month-old sister, “They are the perfect ambassadors.”

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