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What Did Chad Share with Hilary?

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Chad Michael Murray is Hilary Duff’s Prince Charming in A Cinderella Story (opening Friday), but offscreen it wasn’t the glass slipper he brought her. Instead, “He got me the whole box set of The Simpsons,” Duff tells us. “We used to always talk about how we both stayed home a lot, so he asked me what shows I liked, and I told him I don’t really watch TV. And he was like, ‘What? I have to get you into The Simpsons.‘ Now I’m hooked on it. I really love them.” Just how much does Murray love the long-running show? “I’m a Simpsons addict. I’m a fanatic,” he tells us. “It’s brilliant. The fact that the No. 1 primetime show in the history of TV is a cartoon, running for 15 years is pretty damn incredible, isn’t it?”

The Chachi Effect
It’s been years since recently separated John Stamos has had to use pickup lines to meet women, so it’s not surprising that he’s forgotten which ones were the most successful. “My memory’s getting old,” he told us at a recent event at the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. “I was with Rebecca (Romijn-Stamos) for 10 years. I have to dust the cobwebs out and remember some of those pickup lines again.” Guess there weren’t too many cobwebs, because he then quipped, “Hi, I’m Scott Baio, it’s nice to meet you.” Swooning yet?

Vocal Stylings
Say what you want about Kyle MacLachlan – the guy is versatile. He’s played everyone from keyboardist Ray Manzarek of The Doors to Sex and the City’s rich, impotent Dr. Trey MacDougal – and his newest role is … the ghost of Cary Grant, in the indie Touch of Pink. To get Grant’s voice and accent down, MacLachlan tells us the most useful technique was not watching Grant’s movies or practicing into a tape recorder – rather, it was studying a film Grant wasn’t in: 1959’s Some Like It Hot. Why? “Because Tony Curtis did an over-the-top Cary Grant impression, (and) I think it’s easier to learn an accent if you hear someone else, apart from the person you’re trying to imitate, do it,” MacLachlan tells us. “So I listened to Tony Curtis, as opposed to listening to Cary Grant, because somehow it got into my head easier.” As for why he was selected for the role, MacLachlan theorizes, “Because no one else was dumb enough to attempt it!”

Caught in the Act
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