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What Challenges Uma Thurman?

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Uma Thurman’s life seems glamorous – movie premieres (such as for Be Cool, her film with John Travolta, opening March 4), fabulous clothes, jet-setting vacations. But really, she’s another single working mom trying to balance career and kids. “It’s really, really hard,” she says. “Actually, my ex-husband (Ethan Hawke) said to me the other day that I clearly was someone who wanted to be a full-time mother, and still wanted to be an actress, and that I kept insisting I could do it, but I couldn’t. I try to give all of myself.” And if a job’s not in her hometown, fuhgeddaboutit. “Whatever parts I may have played around the world, I don’t even know what they were, because New York City was the only location that I was going to work in this year. And I don’t know how long I can do that – it’s a very difficult balance,” she says. “I don’t want to quit, I love what I do. It’s just something I’m fighting for, to try to find a way to keep my foot in the business satisfactorily and still be creative and stimulated, and take care of my children.”

Girls Behaving Badly
Speaking of cool gals, the set of the upcoming movie Beauty Shop, starring Queen Latifah, was full of them. “It was a really randy kind of set because there were a lot of women,” costar Alfre Woodard tells us. “Like Andie MacDowell – very bad. She’s a bad girl. And especially Mena (Suvari).” So what went on, exactly? “I can’t. I can’t – I won’t be the narc,” Woodard joked, adding, “I think women are a lot more expressive and loose than men are. That thing that (men do that) people think is so jocular and locker room, women put that to shame. That pales compared to what women talk about and what we laugh about, and what we do.” Beauty Shop opens March 30.

A Country Wedding?
Are wedding bells on the horizon for country crooners Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood? Brooks did more than hint at it over the weekend when he came out of retirement after more than four years to play a benefit show at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth. Introducing Yearwood, his surprise guest performer, he told the crowd: “I’m lucky enough to be in the same house with her. You gotta remember, it’s hard to be a man when your wife has more Grammys than you do.” As the audience (who paid $1,000 per ticket to aid a local children’s hospital) cheered, Brooks backpedaled. “I’m sorry – did I just say ‘wife’? I didn’t mean that. Maybe someday I’ll be that lucky.” The pair then gazed at each other as they sang her song “Walkaway Joe.” Stay tuned, y’all …

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
ER’s Maura Tierney, at L.A. tapas restaurant A.O.C. on Saturday night with a gentleman. They sat at the bar for a few minutes before being whisked off to a table upstairs.