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Sofia's Latest Flick

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If you’ve ever watched the Oscars, you’ve probably noticed that filmmakers aren’t always the best orators. So, rather than risk it, Sofia Coppola stuck to her best medium and used a short film to introduce designer Marc Jacobs when he was honored this week by his alma mater, Parsons School of Design, at its annual black tie fashion show and benefit at New York’s Chelsea Piers. Coppola’s short film featured footage of past Jacobs collections, along with spots from Sonic Youth’s “100%” video, which includes shots of models wearing his clothes. Amongst the fashion cognoscenti in the house: designers Peter Som, Alvin Valley, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez from Proenza Schouler and model Christy Turlington.

Keanu Watch
What was Keanu Reeves doing at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin over the weekend? Well, he was sipping drinks in the hotel’s dark, upscale bar overlooking Town Lake. But we’re told he’s there working with Austin-based director Richard Linklater (who directed Jack Black in School of Rock) on A Scanner Darkly, scheduled for release in 2005. We also hear he might show up at local nightspot Antone’s Wednesday night to check out Bruce Willis performing with his band, the Accelerators?

Free Association
We caught up with The Sopranos’ Edie Falco to get her quick take on some hot topics:
Donald Trump’s engagement: “Again?”
Pilates: “I do it a lot. I really love it.”
Halle Berry’s divorce: “She’s beautiful. I didn’t know.”
Friends finale: “I have never watched a full episode, I am embarrassed to say.”
Miniature dogs: “Brussels Griffon. It’s a type of little dog that I have become obsessed with.”

Suffering for the Craft
Claire Forlani says her Stroke of Genius costar Jim Caviezel, who had to learn to play golf for the movie, treated the sport like a bad relationship. “The boys would get terribly upset when they had a bad day of golf,” she says. “They’d come back that night, and I’d just meet them all in the bar and tell them it would be better tomorrow. They have the worst day of their lives, they say they’re never going to play again, and then they go back the next day.”

Tune In
Just how liberal is Janeane Garofalo’s talk show, “Majority Report,” on the new radio network “Air America”? Ask her dad. “My father is a guest on the show, and he’s a staunch Republican and a staunch supporter of Bush,” she tells us. “We actually get along very well. We always try to understand each other, and that’s one of the segments – to find out what makes each other tick. Unless the audience hates it, he will be calling once a week to defend President Bush. We hope it’s fun for the audience to tap into those political arguments that take place at the dinner table, where we try to understand why our parents and grandparents voted the way they did, and they try to understand why we voted the way we did.” Guests so far have included Howard Dean, Dave Chappelle, Tim Robbins, Bill Maher and Dennis Kucinich. And don’t worry, fans – Garofalo also is keeping her “other” job. She has two movies coming out next year: Stay, starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, and Duane Hopwood, with David Schwimmer.