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Size Matters to Tyra Banks

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If you’re tuning into the premiere of UPN’s America’s Next Top Model tonight, don’t expect to see any plus-sized models – though the contestants won’t all be a size 0 either. Host Tyra Banks tells us that no matter what the trends are, she wanted to show some diversity in terms of size. “If you look at the runway right now and you look at magazines, models are skinnier now than they’ve ever been,” she tells us. “I came from an era of the early ’90s where girls were a lot more voluptuous. I don’t have the power to change the fashion industry, but I do have the power to put an image on television of women who are not as skinny as those girls in the magazines. Most of our girls on our show, as thin as they may look, in the fashion industry they might not be so accepted in terms of that body type.” So there may be a size 2 and even a – gasp! – size 4 among the group. Stay tuned …

Love Quest
In case you missed Tara Reid’s plea for help finding a boyfriend on Ellen DeGeneres’s show recently, now the search is expanding – to an earlier time slot, to be exact. Wednesday morning the Today show is getting in on the act, with producer Dan Barbosa trying his luck landing his dream girl. Katie, Matt and Al will “coach” Barbosa on wardrobe, physique, etiquette and other elements of courting, for all to see. Then, on Ellen, DeGeneres will air Dan’s submission tape. Just a reminder: Party girl Reid told Ellen she’s seeking “a nice guy, a nice, funny, good sense of humor, cute obviously, you know, just a good guy.” And, she added, “If you find me the guy, I’ll get married on this show.” Once again, stay tuned…

Back to the Future
Is anyone else humming the J. Geils Band song “Centerfold” when ’80s teen queen Deborah Gibson’s name comes up? (We had to ask …) Anyway, we caught up with the singer to find out what else she’s been doing lately. “I just started tennis lessons,” Gibson told us at a Los Angeles Confidential magazine party for Jamie Foxx. “I took my very first tennis lesson ever and I loved it. Apparently I did pretty well because (the instructor) thought I had taken lessons before. It’s the kind of thing that’s so good to clear your head with, because if you’re chasing a little ball around a court, you can’t be thinking about anything else.”

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
• Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon, snuggling with his wife in a cozy corner at L.A.’s Table 8.

Taye Diggs, at Manhattan club Select. When Diggs got to the entrance, he was told, “The cover’s $20.” The unpretentious star paid without batting an eyelash – then, when the cashier looked up and realized who he was, she promptly returned his money and let him inside. Diggs was such a good sport that he bought the cashier a drink when she ended her shift.

Sideways star Sandra Oh, stopping in for multiple facials in recent weeks at Kate Somerville’s salon on L.A.’s Melrose Avenue.