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May 02, 2005 06:00 AM

Tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams are joining Nick & Jessica and Britney & Kevin in the reality TV business. The sisters are filming their lives for an upcoming ABC Family network show to air in July. “Nothing’s really been off limits,” Serena told us at the 10th Anniversary gala of the D.C. Recreation Wish List Committee, “(except) the bathroom, of course.” We’ll see the practical joker side of Serena, “who constantly turned on my (car) seat warmer in Florida,” says Venus. And possibly Venus’s angry side: “I said something about someone. I was really mad at the person, and I made a threat. I wish I hadn’t said that, but maybe it will be cut on the editing room floor.” Hope not.

Get Ready for the Sopranos
Just when we feared we’d never see Tony and Carmela again, we get word that production has started on season six of The Sopranos. Shrink Jennifer Melfi, a.k.a., Lorraine Bracco, told us at a fundraiser for Publicolor – a not-for-profit organization that paints inner-city public schools and neglected community facilities – that the cast recently had their first table reading: “We were ready for it!” Us, too, but – alas – Bracco won’t spill any details, so we’ll either have to sneak onto the set (filming will “probably go through Christmas”) or wait till new episodes hit HBO in 2006. Fuggedabout it!

Caught in the Act
Paris Hilton and pal Kimberly Stewart, sharing a bottle of vodka at Vine Street Lounge in Hollywood.

Melissa Etheridge, at the We Are Family Foundation gala in New York City. The singer participated in the auction, which raised over $200,000 to help build schools in Africa and Central America, among other projects.

Elijah Wood, partying at the Little Bar in Los Angeles.

Beck, at a screening of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles.


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