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Sanaa Lathan Dishes on Diddy

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We couldn’t resist asking Tony nominee Sanaa Lathan what it’s really like working with P. Diddy on Broadway in A Raisin in the Sun. “He has been an angel,” she tells us. “He has been very open and vulnerable and very, very humble. I think that about two weeks into it he was like, ‘Oh my God, what did I get myself into?’ But he has really risen to the occasion. He has worked harder than I’ve ever seen anybody work.” Well, okay, but … does he have any funny habits? “He has a mike in his dressing room and he sends out messages to the whole cast in their dressing rooms – before the show, during intermission and after the show. Like, he might have a song of the day.” One more thing: Don’t call him Diddy backstage. “He definitely goes by Sean Combs with us,” Lathan says. “That’s his thespian name.”

How Sweet
Hugh Jackman: movie star, Tony nominee, one of PEOPLE’s 50 Most Beautiful. And, it turns out, he’s also a nice guy. When Meredith Vieira became upset during a recent taping of The View after a conversation about teens and trust turned personal, the cohost got teary and said, “I want to stop talking about it now!” Jackman, who had been watching the drama on a monitor in the greenroom, embraced Vieira, telling her that he needed a big hug. “He hugged her and gave her a big kiss,” says a source.

Still Playing
You just can’t get away from Donald Trump. Take former Apprentice contender Sam Solovey: he just finished five performances in the off-Broadway show Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding, in which he plays the groom’s cousin … who cleans toilets in Trump Tower. Sam tells us he has even seen The Donald in person since the show wrapped. “He’s nice to all of us,” says Sam. “He wants us to say nice things about him.” As for future job opportunities, “I’d still like to work for (Trump),” he says. “I went there to get the job.”

Caught in the Act
Recently spotted:
Julianne Moore, speaking at the annual benefit for Gilda’s Club, a gathering place for cancer victims and their loved ones. “Everybody’s affected by cancer,” Moore told us. “The fact of the matter is there’s a lot of people living with cancer and you need a place to go to talk about it.”

Christy Turlington with husband Ed Burns and their baby daughter, Grace, enjoying a casual dinner with friends in a large booth at the Southwestern restaurant Turtle Crossing on Long Island.

The O.C.’s Benjamin McKenzie, walking around the Time Warner Center in New York City. He wandered into an exhibition of photographs by Roberto Rinaldi, also attended by John Mayer, Carson Kressley and Q-Tip.

Macy Gray, hosting a party at Miami hotspot Prive. Damon Wayans and nephew Damien Wayans also showed up and sat with the singer.