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May 25, 2004 04:00 PM

We asked Rosario Dawson for her quick takes on a few hot topics:
South Beach Diet: “Parasites in Mexico”
Gambling: “Poker”
Fear Factor: “Eating bugs”
How much would they have to pay you to eat a bug?
“I remember seeing someone swimming in leeches, and I would never do it.”
How much would they have to pay you to go on the show?
“They wouldn’t have to pay me, they’d have to pay for the building I’m trying to build for girls on the Lower East Side (of Manhattan). I’m trying to do a girls club downtown and we need $6 million. I’m from the Lower East Side – they had boys clubs but no girls clubs. It’s going to be great for the neighborhood. I wish I had something like that.”
Summer Olympics in Athens: “Oh my God! Greece, baby. 2012 Olympics in NYC. I hope I’m here for that and don’t miss it.”
Look for Dawson in Alexander, due in the fall.

There’s the Rub
While promoting his new film, The Woodsman, with Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon at Synergy House at the Cannes Film Festival, Benjamin Bratt perked up when he heard that holistic therapist Patti Brito – whose clients include Ben Affleck, Sean Connery and Mick Jagger – was on hand giving massages. “Benjamin Bratt said he was very excited that massages were being offered,” says a spy. If only he’d had time to get one. “He had to rush off to the press junket for his movie,” the spy added. Too bad, because “I think he was a little stressed out. It seemed like he was working hard.”

LaBelle of the Ball
Before her recent surprise 60th birthday party, singer Patti LaBelle knew something was up when her handlers told her she was attending a bash for her album, Timeless Journey. “How are you going to have a listening party – on my birthday no less – when the album’s been out for a year? But I’m a good sport,” says LaBelle. “They told me to get in my drag and my diamonds, and I went along with the ‘surprise.’ ” Turning 60 hasn’t discouraged the diva. “Age ain’t on my page. Hell, I don’t even know what 60 is supposed to look like,” she tells us. “Ashanti, Puff Daddy and all of them still look at me like I’m a young girl. I just live every day like it’s my last. When I turned 60, I shouted, honey.”

Double Take
Is it just us, or does Kenneth Welsh – who plays the villainous U.S. vice president who ignores warnings of imminent disaster in The Day After Tomorrow – look remarkably like his real White House counterpart, Dick Cheney? It made us wonder if the real veep had been offered a cameo in the blockbuster flick. “No comment on that!” producer Mark Gordon told us with a laugh.

Caught in the Act
Recently spotted:
Vin Diesel, at Miami hotspot Mynt, promoting his new movie, The Chronicles of Riddick. He held court on a sofa, sipping a Corona and surrounded by women and three bodyguards, until just after midnight, when he left through a back door to drop in on the grand opening of neighboring Rok Bar.

• Also at the Rok Bar party, Tommy Lee. Before hitting the soiree, though, Lee and a dozen friends dined across the street at Vita. Lee enjoyed beef carpaccio, pasta and two watermelon martinis, and the group racked up a bill that topped $1,000, which someone other than Lee picked up.

Dennis Quaid, at director Roland Emmerich’s afterparty following The Day After Tomorrow’s New York premiere. A leggy blonde accompanied Quaid at the party, held at Level V, the new underground bar in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District. Quaid (who skipped the premiere) and friend hung out in one of the former sex-club’s private banquettes until 3 a.m., when they were the last to leave. Also at the party: fellow actors Ben Chaplin and Vincent D’Onofrio.

Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Giselle Bundchen, Scarlett Johansson, Rosario Dawson and NFL star Jeremy Shockey, at New York hotspot Marquee.

• A Mohawked Jack Osbourne, with a male friend, at the Four Seasons pool in L.A., chatting up two older bikini-clad blondes about politics, pets and partying.


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